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We are here to broadcast your ceremony to all your friends and family who couldn’t make it!

What we do

We provide affordable and cost effective, Wedding Livestreaming Solutions. So that all your friends and family can be there... even if they physically aren't!

What is this service

In the current atmosphere couples have a hard choice to make. Get married now, or wait until all there family and friends can attend. Livestreaming is a comprise of both options. Our service allows Wedding Guests to tune in to a live feed of the wedding, although they can’t be there in person, they can be there in technology! We use the latest cutting edge technology to ensure a multiple redundant setup, meaning no technical issues will get in the way of your loved ones witnessing your special day.


Pricing Plans

Our Wedding Livestreaming Price Packages



An Affordable, yet quality solution

Single Camera, fully staffed setup, to livestream up to 2 hours of your special day to all your friends and family! No Problems guarenteed!



A Sophisticated, Robust Setup

Dual Camera Setup, fully staffed, to livestream up to 2 hours of your special day to all your friends and family! 100% Guaranteed Reliability



A Personalised setup for your special day

Get in touch with our team to develop you a custom, personalised package that best suits your needs, requirements and budget

Got any questions?

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Payment Questions

We can stream your ceremony to any of the major Streaming Service Providers. However, we prefer to use Facebook or Youtube for the best results.

In addition to a copy of the Livestream, you also receive the Full HD/4K Original Footage from our cameras. Free of charge!

Looking after you, on your special day